lørdag 25. september 2010

Norwegian National Gallery

Old Vestbanen Railway Station - Nobel Peace Center
The New Norwegian National Gallery located in the capital of Norway, Oslo, has been planned for many years, but not before this summer they have come to a conclusion.

Airphoto of the new structure
But I think it is shame to not build a new national icon reflecting the age we are living in. This gallery should be a sustainable solution for future generations, by helping to reduce the CO2 emissions and change the cities to a place connected to the nature.

Side view form the financial district, Aker brygge
This is my proposal for the New National Gallery. The roof is topped with a park. Small windows in the roof can be opened to regulate the climatic inside the building. The park makes the air clean before it’s taken inside.

Backside entrance
The interior inside is bright, but still optimal for the visitors and the paintings. The air need to be dry (because of the paintings) but always fresh. The gallery should have two main entrances, one on the backside and one in the old railway station, today known as the Nobel Peace Center.

Front view from the Town House Harbor

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