søndag 12. september 2010

Heathrow Forest

Proposal of the forest areas
The ones who have traveled through London Airport Heathrow may have discovered a bit of inconvenience.  Either you want to reach your destination or just want to come home, you likely want to sit down and relax. And what would be better than a bench in the wood with the sound of singing birds or gurgeling water in the streams? That is the concept of the Heathrow Forest!

Today London-Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest airports. And in 2014 Terminal 2 will re-open, completely rebuildt. But this new terminal is still surrounded by parking garages. Greenpeace is screaming about global warming. This forest will both provide the passengers a nicer passenger experience (that can’t Greenpeace demonstrate about) and help to reduce the local pollution and the global CO2 emissions, making the urban areas a better place to live.

Full terminal and forest layout

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  2. En god ide egentlig. Men du skulle gjerne lagt ut mer detaljer...

  3. that would be so cool!

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