lørdag 20. november 2010

Isle of London

This is London today, a grey and polluted city. You may not agree, but sometimes it is the truth.
 This is London tomorrow, the same polluted city, but with a beautiful little island.
 If London is grey and Paris sandy. Something need to be done.
Many bridges will conect the island with the rest of the city.
 Heathrow Forest will definitely help on the way.
London Eye can been seen at the left side of the picture.
 The island could and should be developed to a green and clean city, within a city. 
Tate Modern a well renown modern museum build inside an old power station.
Some development has been done, with Tate Modern as an example.

mandag 15. november 2010

Tokyo New Central Station

The new expansion, seen from North
The world’s busiest railway station is located in Tokyo. It’s called Shinjuku Station. The station serves the westerns suburbs of Tokyo, and works as an inter-city, commuter and metro station. I opened in 1885 and handles today over 3,64 million people per day, with JR as the biggest operator.

The new expansion will be based at the current station
The station consists of many past expansion developments, and should need real refurbishment. A four lane highway is crossing the tracks, and skyscrapers rising around the whole station. Not to mention the huge challenge to change this into a construction site, and build something here at all!

Shinkansen 500-series on final approach
To become the ultimate hub, the station should be reorganized. The new station should have all these things:
  • Bus connections
  • Commuter connections
  • Metro connections
  • New high-speed lines
  • A mall
  • A hotel
  • Offices
  • Green areas and uraban space
  • Roofs over the tracks to protect the travelers from the weather
Proposal of the new station