fredag 2. mai 2014

London Heathrow 2030

This is our vision for London Heathrow in 2030. A senario based on a full demolition of Terminal 3, a 3rd phase of Terminal 2 and one of our own earlier projects the Heathrow Forest. This will complete the toast-rack master plan of Heathrow.

mandag 24. februar 2014

Modern Garden City

The concept
This small garden city concept concieves of three story buildings turning north. All the inhabitants will leave their car outside the garden bringing peace to this little neighborhood. Trees already in place will make the villas private zones in all levels. The villas will be assembled as sections stacked by a crane, making as little impact on the surroundings as possible.

lørdag 27. april 2013

Newark Airport Long-Term Expansion Plan Proposal

This long-term expansion proposal will solve future and existing capacity challenges.
 With to new runways and a new terminal layout the airport will be able to maximise its traffic potential.
 The new proposal will lead to a state of the art gateway to New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan Area.
 The expansion of EWR could be realized in stages; the next following the former.
All phased could be carried out in a shorter time perriod or when needed.

tirsdag 7. august 2012

2020 Olympics Concept Brands

With no real designs surprices made by the canidate cities for the 2020 summer olympics we decided to make our own proposals. We tried to catch the spirits of the bids and reflect the different cultures of the hosting cities/nations. All featuring the theme orange, inspired by the rising sun of the future. 
Istanbul Olympics alternative logo by neoUrbanism.
This is our logo proposal for the Madrid 2020 Olympics. 
Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics logo.