fredag 28. oktober 2011

Ceramic Terminal

The airport terminals will be covered entirely by ceramic sections, light will flow in between.

Clay can be found almost everywhere. All around the world people build their houses with clay. If you burn clay, you will have ceramics. Brick houses are made from clay. Imagine an entire airport terminal of ceramic. 

There will be many regional terminals, but they will be smaller than the international ones.
 My idea is to make large reinforced ceramics sections, and then put them together to form walls and roofs. The sections will be supported by a large steel and concrete structure. All the floors will be made of laminated frosted glass, making the light flow free inside the building.

Ceramic can handle extreme heath, making the terminals perfect for a location in an desert. 

The airport will consist of twelve small to large buildings. There will four very large international terminals, one air traffic control tower, one hotel and six smaller regional terminals. The two terminal areas will be constructed with five runways each, separated by a cargo and maintenance area.

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