fredag 8. april 2011


The perfect world is a sustainable society, a society where everyone has the same opportunities, a society where your color, gender and orientation doesnt mean anything. This world is full of joy, and a place where we always look forward to a new day.
This world is also a place where the resources are shared between the people. No one would need to suffer by starvation, deceases or sanitation. The population will be adapted the sustainability of the world.
A world without a military is also a world without wars. Instead of wasting money on weapons, we could use this money on aid. Nuclear weapons would just be a memory of a world we had chosen to leave.
This world would also be a better place to live. We could use our time on civil science and reducing the impacts by the climatic changes. With modern science we would not need to drive polluting cars, but cars on clean and sustainable energy.
The transportation will also be greener and more efficient. We will travel between the cities in high-speed trains and crossing the continents in green jumbo jets. We may also cross the Atlantic in a train tunnel, with a traveling time from London  New York on only one hour.
A perfect world would also be a world without religions. The human race would rather be united in the belief of science. It would put an end to religion wars and religious fundamentalism.
The cities will also be our state of the art masterpiece, pleasant to live in, energy natural and homes for millions of peoples. They would not be surrounded by fabrics and polluting energy sources, but by beautiful fields with windmills and small farms delivering organic food to the people living in the cities.
This world is may just a dream, but it could also be a possibility if we decided to do really change the world. Changes like this would be the biggest project in the entire history. But if we had the will, mabye we could do it!

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