lørdag 28. august 2010

Newark Liberty International Airport Expansion

Proposal of the future terminals
May 2, 2010, United Airlines and Continental Airlines announced their merger. Today Continental has a hub at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Many have great expectations for the future United, but what about EWR? I read in some forums that EWR was not expansion able. But I disagree. Here is my vision for a future EWR, capable of housing the world largest airlines carrier. The airport wills also being capable of serving other Star Alliance members, flying to New York. Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines maybe bringing their Airbus A380s. And in the future Virgin Atlantic and/or Air China.

Lufthansa A380 under take-off
What I see:
  • New gates capable for Airbus A380 operations
  • New walk-boarding gates for regional operations
  • Three entrances via the classic 70s terminals
  • Two great terminals, one for international flights, one for domestic flights
  • A new runway at Continentals today maintenance area
  • Three new hangars used as a maintenance center for United
  • Three new hangars for FedEx cargo operations

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